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After 24 hours of hard work; after staying up till 5 am for the final weigh-in, class 4J completed its challenge with and astounding 311 kg of toy donations; close to 3 times the original target. With 100 kg of sensory developmental toys and 211 kg of mental developmental toys, we achieved what many felt to be 'difficult' and 'near impossible'.

I would like to thank members of the public for their generous donations comprising more than 3/4 of the weight, on behalf of the class, I sincerely thank you for your support and we really appreciate your help.

Not forgetting the organizing committee, namely Joshua Tan for taking charge of communications and steadfast leadership; Hans Chung for all the paperwork, mapping and liaising with the Spastic Children Association of Singapore; Firdaus for organizing the cataloging and weighing. As well as the class for their assistance in the collection, cleaning of toys, sorting, packaging and so much more.

Nil Sine Labore

Victoria Challenge has finally come to a a closure after 24 hours and weeks of hard work and planning.

The 4J Victoria Challenge Committee 2007 would like to thank all supporters and contributors to this cause, especially Tanjong Katong Primary School, Eunos Primary School, Ms Joe, all the staff and students at Victoria School and also the general public in the neighbouring areas of Siglap, Bedok and Tanah Merah.

With the enthusiastic support of everyone, class 4J has manged to collect 311kg of educational toys for The Spastic Children's Association of Singapore. This has far surpassed our target of 131kg, quelling our fears of a lack of toys collected. We would once again like to thank one and all for the generous support in making this project a meaningful one for each and every one of us.

The class of 4J has come very far from their initial planning stages and we would like to thank our teacher's in charge, Mr Khoo and Ms Leow for helping us throughout the whole Challenge for without their support and guidance, the success of this Challenge would not have been possible.

However, even with the closure of the Victoria Challenge, there is still no closure for the students at the Cerebral Palsy Centre of The Spastic Children's Association of Singapore. Their suffering still continues and so should our aid. So it is not the end of the end but the end of the beginning; let us come together and continue to help them.

Nil Sine Labore


This post is for students and members of the public to place pledges for donations.

Follow the following format:
Item(s) pledged:
Estimated weight:

Answering The Call

In view of the problem of climate change, students collecting toys from homes will use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. We hope that the pubic will recycle the leaflets given out and that together we can make the world a better place to live in.

Together we can help them, Let's answer the call.

Flier Distribution

17 students from secondary 4J spent the morning publicizing our project. Despite the rain, all 17 students moved out from Victoria School at 9 am to distribute fliers. Covering areas around Upper East Coast, Bedok South and Tanah Merah, we managed to reach out to more than 3,000 homes.

We are now finalizing a plan to seek donations from surrounding Primary Schools. Should everything go according to plan, and with generous public involvement, we are confident that, together, we will be able to achieve our target of 131kg of toys.

We thank the public for their support thus far and hope that the students at the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore will benefit greatly from your motivating support.

Once again, on behalf of Victoria School, Thank You. Nil Sine Labore; Nothing without labour.

Victoria Challenge 2007

Victoria We Give To You.

Being a once every 4 year event, Victoria Challenge has been viewed as the climax of every Victorians' Schooling life.

Class 4J of Victoria School has taken on the challenge to help in the building of a toy library for The Spastic Children's Association of Singapore. In this task, we aim to collect 131kg of educational toys.

The Spastic Children's Association of Singapore aims to be a leading regional centre for persons with Cerebral Palsy, helping them to realize their full potential and to lead a life with respect. For more information, do go to their website linked above.